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5 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Denise is incredible at what she does and a session with her will seriously change your life! Within minutes, D will have scoured your closet, finding the hot, key pieces that she then transforms into outfits that you would have never imagined on your own. Her style and creativity paired with her fun, sincere personality will have you enjoying a fun girls night while learning to ‘own’ what’s in your closet by thinking in new ways about your chosen threads. She can also help you organize your closet so that you’re not left with a tornado of “no not this” clothes strewn across your room by weeks end. What comes from a session with D is not only high-minded fashion, but also a rejuvenated spirit for excitement, self-confidence and inspiration.

    Thanks, D! 🙂

  2. I booked an appointment with Denise last month to have her help me style outfits for some holiday parties. I have a closet full of great clothes, but I never knew how to put them together in interesting, stylish ways. Until I met Denise. She literally ran through every item in my closet and drawers and made the most incredible outfits out of sweaters, skirts and pants that I hadn’t worn in years. I felt like I had just gone on a shopping spree! The consultations are priced well, and even if she charged more, I’d still feel like I saved money – because otherwise, I’d just go out and shop for even more clothes to clog up my closet. I’ve been raving to all my friends who are scheduling their appointments now – I can’t wait to see what she does with their wardrobes! Thanks Denise!

  3. Beyond Amazing! Not only did Denise help me remove items from my closets – which was a major goal for the new year, she also created some amazing ensembles and pairings that I had never thought of before. I got so many compliments on the outfits she put together – it was fantastic! Big thanks to Denise for taking some pleated skirts that were in hiding in my closet and morphing them into something beyond fashionable! She inspired my urge to purge some “bad idea” purchases and also helped reinvigorate my passion for fashion. I’m looking forward to part two and getting ready for Spring. I booked Denise for 4 hours and I’m ready for 4 more…she’s the BEST and genuinely just endearing to be around. I would recommend her to any woman…whether you have a strong fashion sense or not, whether you have more clothes than you can imagine or just starting to build a wardrobe – she takes your style to other levels! Thanks a million Denise!

  4. Denise did a fantastic job of helping me to build some great new outfits from existing pieces, and identify things I should buy. She didn’t hesitate to give some tough love where needed (she told me I needed to buy nicer pants- and she was right, I look a gazillion times better since I invested in some better pants!, and always accompanied it with specific recommendations and guidance. She’s fun to play dress up with!

  5. Denise is truly gifted at what she does. She’s got an amazing eye, impecable style, and has a real understanding for every person’s individual taste and body type, and how to accentuate them. in a couple of hours, she helped me rediscover pieces that had been forgotten, and pair them with my every day outfits in fun and unexpected ways that really helped me up my fashion game. it truly was a ‘shop in my closet’ experience. she also helped me make decisions about what items were past their prime, and worked with me to construct a shopping list of essential basic pieces i was missing in my closet that would help round out my entire wardrobe. and to top it all off, she’s the nicest, funniest, most charming person you’ll spend time with! denise and I are meeting up again for a spring closetiquing session in the near future. I couldn’t recommend her more as the perfect gift to yourself or for that friend who’s always complaining about having nothing to wear. So worth it! Thanks D!

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