About Denise

Denise Hatzis, NYC-based stylist, is intent on bringing the world of organized style to every woman in New York. Denise started her business when she realized how happy she was when taking friends shopping and encouraging them to try on pieces that they’d never consider. She enrolled in the Fashion Styling program at FIT, and a bona fide fashion stylist was born. Denise extends her styling expertise beyond editorial shoots with NYC’s up-and-coming photographers, and brings it into her clients’ homes.  An avid yogini, Denise not only works with each individual client to strengthen her appearance, but also focuses on bringing out her clients’ inner beauty, energy and confidence.

“The world of fashion is full of glamour, models and luxury clothing, but that is not real life. My experiences in the high-end fashion industry left me wanting more – I wanted to provide this type of service to real, everyday men and women. Just because we’re not all supermodels doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have our own fashion stylist!” she says. “I love working with all types of people – from students to stay-at-home moms to corporate executives; men and women of all shapes and sizes. Each of my clients is so unique and special – I love to see the unveiling of personal style in front of my very own eyes.”

So what is Denise’s secret to successfully dressing a client? She finds the strongest wardrobe contains “the basics” with bits and pieces of personal style thrown in. She doesn’t believe in being a ‘trend-follower’, but rather a ‘personal-style setter’. “Style should reflect each individual’s character, beliefs and lifestyle,” she says. As for Denise’s own personal style, she describes her look as “urban bohemian gypsy with a touch of classic” (she also has a major obsession with scarves, which she admits, “was passed down from my grandmother”).


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