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Closetique Styling Featured on Habiller with Improv’d!


Last month, I had the pleasure of styling a video shot for Habiller Blog at the Improv’d shop in the Meatpacking District with Makeup Artist extraordinaire, Brenda Momperousse and videographer, Ashley Benzwie. Not only did we have a ton of fun shooting together, but we all fell in love with the Improv’d Spring collection. Perfect for the downtown girl who drapes herself in pieces from the likes of Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang, the collection – a culmination of design genius of Sam Ben-Avraham (founder of Atrium) and Valentino Vettori (formerly of Diesel) – combines basics as well as more avant garde pieces to complete any urban fashion girl’s wardrobe (with a few extra dashes of color and texture play thrown in)!

Some of my favorite pieces (all available at www.revolveclothing.com) include the Black Blazer with Leather Trim – picture this over a pair of bright blue skinny pajama pants and a drapey white tee for a a sexy take on a suit that can take you well into the evening…

I’m also digging this beautifully draped Blue Cloud blouse (pair this white legging jeans and a bright pair of flats for the perfect summer casual night out look)….

And lastly, the Drape Front Dress (which can accommodate both tall and petite girls as well). Add a dose of color with an orange or yellow statement necklace – OR – if you’d like to tone down the body-consciousness, dress this look down with a drapey vest to bring it into more informal, casual wear territory.

Improv’d is located at 819 Washington Street between Little West 12th Street & Gansevoort. Swing by next time you head over for a walk to the Highline!

Editorial Work


Bohemian. A word that evokes so many different emotions, illusions and images.

A style that is much more than just a style. It’s a way of life. Free, spirited away, romantic and nostalgic, with a cool air of mystery and darker charms within. Think gypsies, donned in bright mismatched layers, fumbling through dark caves built into the Macedonian mountains.  Think beach girls, clad in white diaphanous dresses, hair perfectly kissed by the sun, dancing on the beach underneath a soft-lit moon.  Think urban bookworms, enraptured by their first-edition of “On The Road” handed down by grandparents, paper-thin pages barely legible. Bohemian simply never goes out of style. It is timeless – but, if there is a season befitting of this look, it is Spring.  The season of freedom, renewal, self-expression and creation. LA VIE BOHEME!

Stylist: Denise Hatzis
Photos: Mikey Pozarik
Makeup: Freedom Momperousse
Hair: Scarlet

Editorial Work

New Styling Work – “The Chill of March” Featured in Laundry Magazine

THE CHILL OF MARCH brings to mind hat-bedecked office men coming home late from the big city, lonely housewives chain-smoking long cigarettes besides cold chicken and vegetable dinners and a colorway of muted neutral hues. Although this shoot was slightly Mad Men-inspired, it took on layers of subtle complexity more difficult to project through images alone. With no words or soundtrack to elicit the characters’ emotions, we relied heavily on the styling of clothes, hair, makeup and props to depict a young couple, obviously unhappy in their relationship and current situation. As the fashion stylist, I wanted our unhappy wife to almost melt into her surroundings as easily as she was disappearing into her unhappy relationship. To show this, I chose dresses muted in tone – and very similar in hue to the backdrop. The ladder-climbing husband is dressed in simple corporate attire with touches of early 60’s accessories, but upon deeper inspection, one will detect that despite his apparent disinterest in his wife, in each image he connects with her symbolically with a tie matching his wife’s dress.

Female model: Shareen Vintage
Male model: Stylist’s personal collection
All accessories: Stylist’s personal collection

For the original editorial, please visit http://www.laundrymagazine.com.

Editorial Work

Feature Editorial on LAUNDRY MAGAZINE – “Elevate” styled by Denise Hatzis

When photographer Mikey Pozarik approached me this summer to style a shoot featuring up-and-coming fashion designers in the New York scene, I immediately thought of FIT and Parsons – two of the top fashion programs in the country. I sifted through online portfolios of design students’ work for several weeks, but when I landed on Eduarda Salmi Pereira’s work, a first-year Parsons Design student (at the time), I knew I found “THE ONE”. Within hours after contacting her, she brought her entire collection to my studio, replete with individual items’ measurements (to make model fittings more efficient) and a huge smile on her face. After chatting with her for a bit, I discovered that she is from Brazil (a personal favorite country of mine) and was freelancing at Marc Jacobs as well – JACKPOT! Her pieces are stunning for such a young designer, with careful thought put into each metal grommet and placement of faux leather. Keep your eyes peeled for her – although she has over 2 years of school left, she is bound to be a star down the road.

LOCATION: I discovered the location several years ago while on a walk with a dear friend of mine through Prospect Park. It was the first time I had been there, and when we stumbled through this mossy glen, I felt like I had been set back 200 years and transported to the meadows of England. It is a true time warp, absolutely peaceful and stunning in its natural beauty amidst the urban chaos just 40 feet away. Although it has been wrought with stories of murders and other crimes, it still carries a sense of innocence and serenity that is so difficult to find in New York. I particularly liked how the clothing – so modern and severe – contrasted with the natural and essential beauty of the surrounding trees. The concept of “elevation” conjures spiritual enlightenment, emotional growth and detachment from the ego and self. What better way to simulate that in the world of fashion than by juxtaposing the structural pieces with the organic element of the surrounding landscape.

Stylist: Denise Hatzis
Photographer: Mikey Pozarik
Designer: Eduarda Salmi Perreira
Hair Stylist: Rachelle Hawkins
Makeup Artist: Brenda Momperousse
Jewelry: Bing Bang

Editorial Work

Toxic Innocence.7.12.10

Have you ever been to the Gowanus Canal? It’s actually quite an amazing place, in all its grotesqueness. I’ve been fascinated by the canal for the past 5 or so years because of its history, its location and the neverending saga surrounding it. I don’t know of many other waterways that have been the subject of discussion for so many different reasons. The canal has the following: microbes that might lead to advancements in the medical field, a dedicated crew of canoers who brave the stench of the thick waterway (in some parts, the water is oily black and putrid-smelling) to build awareness and just enjoy the industrial, but oddly peaceful scenery, and has been shrouded in controversy as the site of a new Whole Foods (interesting location for an organic food market, no?). I’m even more fascinated now since it has newly been designated a SuperFund site – which means it is on its way to getting cleaned up (hopefully)! But before that happens, I wanted to take the opportunity to get up close and personal with this toxic and contaminated urban waterway. It was a great location for a shoot – I love the concept of eerie and dangerous filth juxtaposed against sweet and innocent clothing…hope you enjoy.

Photography: Mikey Pozarik
Styling: Denise Hatzis
Makeup/Hair: Amanda Forsyth
Model: Susan Bartolme