Client Sessions

Closetique with Lauren W.

Catching up on old Closetique sessions – this one is from way back in December with Lauren W. Lauren has a closet full of great pieces (as well as tons of great clothes and accessories she can steal from her husband – which we used in a few of these outfits!). We paired her clothes together in interesting combinations and threw her man’s tie around her waist as a belt (black and white stripes, picture 5), and a black and white check shirt (so soft) with a black pencil skirt for a more playful take on the sexy librarian look – and how great to be able to get whiffs of your husband’s scent when at work – so romantic! Lauren has the most vibrant skin and thick dark hair – so we made sure to play up those beautiful features with rich and bright colors – never have you seen someone look better in gem-y colors like emerald, canary red and deep fuschia!

Client Sessions

Closetique with Peter D.

Jordan purchased a Closetique session for his boyfriend, Peter. It was a total surprise, which was such a sweet gesture. I had never done a surprise session before, so I was a little worried about how it would go down. Would Peter be interested? Offended? Totally into it? I walk into their apartment – which was spacious and spotless – I just knew the wardrobes would be just as easy to navigate – score! Peter was looking incredulously at me, thinking “Who the heck is she? And why is she my surprise?” We informed him about Closetique, he looked quite baffled but jumped right in like the good sport that he is with a “OK then, let’s do this!” attitude. We had such a blast I ended up staying an extra hour – I completely lost track of time! Peter has a closet-full of amazing button downs, zip-up cardigans (my favorite clothing item on men!), and tons of great dressed-up sneakers. He tends towards neutral colors with a slightly preppy bent, so I was determined to add some pops of color to veer more urban-preppy chic, and encouraged him to throw in some purposely clashing brights (ties/belts). We created mostly casual outfits, but threw in some dressy factors, and also created a more hip downtown bar-hopping outfit for weekends. Jordan was happy that the session went well, and Peter became a believer. At one point, he said “You are REALLY good at this” and my heart just melted with the compliment. What sweethearts!

Ran out of time, but just wanted to create more leave-behind outfits for Peter. I loved how all these textures and prints worked together. Soft striped pink buttondown, heathered brown v-neck sweater, check-print dress pants…

Client Sessions

Closetiquing with Kate S.

Kate S’s main goal was to make getting dressed in the morning easy and quick. She wanted us to create around 3 new looks, but we went ahead and created 6! 🙂 Together, we created several outfits that fit her body well and that she felt good wearing – complete with shoes and accessories. She’s a “black pants” girl and is eager to retire that look by incorporating more dresses and skirts. Our biggest accomplishment was getting Kate over her doubt of belts (especially when worn on the outside of clothes, rather than in belt loops). She was convinced they could never work on her, but she enthusiastically gave them a try, and voila, fell in love with the belt look! She had a great collection of belts that were hidden behind her husband’s shirts, and by breathing new life into them, we created fresh, polished looks with her wardrobe.

Client Sessions

Closetiquing with Bianca L.

Bianca has a closet full of amazing clothes! It’s music to my ears when someone says “I don’t even have room to hang the new clothes I’ve bought!” because it means I have tons of pieces to work with :). BL is a “repeat outfit” offender – when she buys a new piece, she makes one outfit of it and repeats it over and over (because it’s easy and comfy). What I try to do is break the mold, so as I’m styling an outfit, I ask my client “How do you usually wear this? Have you ever considered pairing these items together?” If they say “NO”, I know I’m off to a good start. We worked a lot with the concepts of mixing and matching, layering and accessorizing, while also maintaining integrity to her personal style. Bianca loves fun, flirty, feminine looks – and incorporates a lot of dresses into her wardrobe – so we kept with that trend and mostly created looks using dresses and skirts, adding pops of color through camisoles, colored tights and bright jewelry.

Bianca’s goal was to be able to open her closet during the week and knowing exactly what she wanted to wear to work that day. I think we achieved this – take a look for yourself to see the outfits we put together, and please let us know which you like best!

Client Sessions

Closetique-ing with SM

We have another one obsessed with black! 🙂 SM seems to always be in good spirits! With that said, some color to spice up her mostly black wardrobe would draw attention to that generous smile and blond hair. Rich, gem-y colors work the best on her, so we brought in a lot of rubies, cherries and pinks – thankfully, she owned a lot of great layering pieces in these colors! Two of the most notable outfits we created were her red wrap dress layered over a bright pink/red/purple patterned silk blouse, and a super soft cream-colored sweater dress accented by a maroon velvet sash and black leggings with pumps. Perfect! Which outfit combos do you like best?! Let us know!

Client Sessions

Closetique-ing with KM

KM is a southern sweetheart with a penchant for BLACK!. 🙂 My biggest focus was to steer her away from focusing on so many dark colors, especially since she has beautiful fair features that bright colors would help highlight and draw attention to. We kept an element of black (or another dark muted color) in each outfit, but slowly brought out more colors in unique combinations – like the grey silk tunic with splashes of turquoise and purple – and paired this with an unexpected emerald sweater twist and brown flat boots. Keep your eyes out for this one – she has a major creative side – and designs her own super light and adorable earrings – I’m sure I’ll be reviewing her line down the road soon!