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Yoga and Fashion DO Mix.

Yoga and Fashion. Fashion and Yoga. These two words don’t typically join each other in the same sentence. But when they are coming out of my mouth, they often do. They are my two loves – but two very different loves. As a Yogi Fashion Stylist, for many years I was torn between how to live a yogic lifestyle while working in an industry rife with shallowness, ego and vapidity. After mulling through these dual personalities, I finally came to this conclusion. Fashion and Style is what I DO. Yoga is what I AM.

Everyone has several purposes during their lifetime. And I finally realized that two of my purposes (although on the outside, very conflicting) can actually mesh beautifully in synchronicity. After dabbling in the ‘high fashion’ world for a bit of time, I came back to my focus on styling REAL (read: BEAUTIFUL inside and out) people, allowing their inner beauty to shine on the outside as well. By helping my clients cultivate their personal style, it gives them the confidence to feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside.

My service is a cost-saving one, so rather than telling my clients they need to spend thousands of dollars investing in a new wardrobe, I show them how to ‘upcycle’ or ‘recycle’ their pieces into new and fresh looks. So we’re saving the environment AND their wallet at the same time. Yes, I will provide a shopping list of key pieces if my client requests it, but if she (or he!) is not looking to consume more, we can build plenty of looks with what they currently have in their closet! Something to consider if you are looking to save money this season ;-)….

Onto style and yoga.

Enter Tiny Devotions. Their mala beads are absolutely gorgeous. For those of you unfamiliar with mala beads, they are prayer beads used for meditation (in the Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Yogic traditions). What I specifically love about Tiny Devotions’ malas is that they are stunning as jewelry as well so it’s possible to bring the intention of yoga along with me while blending into my ‘bohemian in NYC’ aesthetic. They are crafted from rudraksha seeds, sandalwood, semi precious crystals and pearls – sacred and beautiful, each with their own specific intention. Check out the site (which is also adorable) and let me know which one is your favorite! I find it really hard to choose, but I think “Let it Go”, “Sand and Ocean” and “African Jade” are mine!


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