Style Contemplations


I had a Closetique session with a regular customer of mine last night. What a treat to see her after our really helpful and fun session last spring. And even more of a treat is that she is pregnant this go-around. She was looking to find pieces from her closet that she could continue to wear through the first half of her pregnancy – and much to her surprise, we were able to salvage quite a few pieces that she didn’t think she could fit into anymore!

The key to dressing stylishly while pregnant is simple. Don’t lose yourself in the pregnancy. Sure, your body may morph, your boobs may feel like they are about to explode, and your hips may widen at a rate that is quicker than the rise of LinkedIn’s stock post-IPO, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress like yourself. Yesterday, one of the things that became a running theme was the placement of certain pieces on the body. For instance, a circle skirt that may not fit at the normal waistline anymore can easily be worn just under the breast to give the illusion of a high-waisted baby-doll look. Tuck in a fitted tee-shirt, tie a pretty silk sash around the top of the skirt, and voila, you have a ‘dress’!

I’ve also been a really big fan of maxi skirts the past several years. Even though I’m on the slightly vertically challenged end of the spectrum (“5’3-and a half on a good day;-)”, if you style a long skirt with a silhouette that is cut closer to the body, it can actually lengthen and slenderize. I think the same can work for the early months of a pregnancy as well. Just be sure there is ample material to allow movement (and gives the little one room to breathe!) This skirt from Free People is perfect. However, since it is a bit see through, you’ll need to layer a slip or leggings beneath it, but it can easily carry you through the first 2 trimesters…in style!

Lastly, don’t feel relegated to maternity wear. Many women do not want to invest in expensive mommy-to-be clothes that will collect dust once the baby pops out, so get creative with what you’ve got in your closet. Also, Old Navy maternity can become your best friend. Steer clear of the sloppy-looking tunics, and focus your purchases on a few comfy pairs of stretch pants. Befriend the unbuttoned button-down layered over a pretty cami look like one of the buyers at J. Crew, Lisa, did so well in the June 2011 catalog here. How cute and put together does she look?


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