Editorial Work


Bohemian. A word that evokes so many different emotions, illusions and images.

A style that is much more than just a style. It’s a way of life. Free, spirited away, romantic and nostalgic, with a cool air of mystery and darker charms within. Think gypsies, donned in bright mismatched layers, fumbling through dark caves built into the Macedonian mountains.  Think beach girls, clad in white diaphanous dresses, hair perfectly kissed by the sun, dancing on the beach underneath a soft-lit moon.  Think urban bookworms, enraptured by their first-edition of “On The Road” handed down by grandparents, paper-thin pages barely legible. Bohemian simply never goes out of style. It is timeless – but, if there is a season befitting of this look, it is Spring.  The season of freedom, renewal, self-expression and creation. LA VIE BOHEME!

Stylist: Denise Hatzis
Photos: Mikey Pozarik
Makeup: Freedom Momperousse
Hair: Scarlet


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