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I’m not crazy, I’m just super organized….

With the weather finally turning (slowly, but surely) toward Spring, my desire for organization increases tenfold. This is the season which best symbolizes the beginning of life and new creations. Ultimately, we all come out of our hibernation hideouts, our cozy nests and shed the dry, cold winter like snakes shed their skins.

With that in mind, organization becomes a key aspect of my spring-time regimen. It enables me to see the pieces that I have in my wardrobe, so that I can prepare for spring/summer shopping – which has always been my favorite time for shopping.

Just as Thom Yorke says, I like “everything in it’s right place”. This is when The Container Store shines – yes, they are spendy, but no other shop has the pick of the litter when it comes to canvas bins, boot hanger hooks (thanks to Desmonique Bonet for opening my eyes to these ;-), and clear shoe boxes (they all click together and line up perfectly!)

Hang clothes by color and like-type together. For example, (all from light to dark) – skirts, pants, dresses…

My hangers of choice are the the Huggable Hangers – they are thin (take up little space in precious real estate of small apartment closets), are non-slip (I love hanging my silk camisoles to prevent wrinkles), prevent shoulder nipples (never cute, because even Lady Gaga wasn’t “Born This Way”), and are very gentle on the most delicate pieces. Quite an investment (about $1 a pop) so I have been purchasing them in increments – I still have about 30 left to buy so you’ll see some of the remnant plastic hangers in there. Next time I do this, they will all be gone!

Hanging boot hooks – I purchased the Double Hanging Closet Rod for extra hanging space below my jeans…

I used a shoe rack on the overhead shelf to hold my oversized shoe boxes – they created more space for extra storage bins where I keep my styling and wardrobe supplies (lint remover, double-sided tape), tights, and shoe bags. Always have linen spray handy – and a sweet silhouette print of a boy and girl…

If you have some extra wall space in your closet (I’m very fortunate to have a walk-in), use it to hang hats, belts, bags…

and scarves…

…and if at all possible, spruce up the space with some elements for creative inspiration. It will make your closet feel more like a boudoir than a hold-all for shoes and dirty laundry. I have added some prints with inspirational quotes and colors. A buddha, mala beads and a dreamcatcher from when I lived in an ashram in Colorado – all bring me back to my yoga practice even when thinking about fashion – and a Carnivale mask that evokes fun party memories.

Want your closet to look like this? Shoot me an email at and we can schedule a Closetique Spring Cleaning session!


3 thoughts on “I’m not crazy, I’m just super organized….”

  1. Wow, how neat that closet is ! I love those huggable hangers, I have them in the light blue color, and nothing ever falls off! The shoe system that you have is fabulous!

    1. Thanks Aly! Seriously, the huggable hangers are the only way to hang clothes. I finally have a closet full of them and got rid of the plastic ones. We are definitely related – organization is KEY! 🙂

  2. dee! rereading your blog. i ended up buying those hangers from amazon and brought them to italy! duccio is hogging up my closet space so was necessary. i found them for 50 cents each..order on amazon. search velvet hangers.

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