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New Styling Work – “The Chill of March” Featured in Laundry Magazine

THE CHILL OF MARCH brings to mind hat-bedecked office men coming home late from the big city, lonely housewives chain-smoking long cigarettes besides cold chicken and vegetable dinners and a colorway of muted neutral hues. Although this shoot was slightly Mad Men-inspired, it took on layers of subtle complexity more difficult to project through images alone. With no words or soundtrack to elicit the characters’ emotions, we relied heavily on the styling of clothes, hair, makeup and props to depict a young couple, obviously unhappy in their relationship and current situation. As the fashion stylist, I wanted our unhappy wife to almost melt into her surroundings as easily as she was disappearing into her unhappy relationship. To show this, I chose dresses muted in tone – and very similar in hue to the backdrop. The ladder-climbing husband is dressed in simple corporate attire with touches of early 60’s accessories, but upon deeper inspection, one will detect that despite his apparent disinterest in his wife, in each image he connects with her symbolically with a tie matching his wife’s dress.

Female model: Shareen Vintage
Male model: Stylist’s personal collection
All accessories: Stylist’s personal collection

For the original editorial, please visit http://www.laundrymagazine.com.


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