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Toxic Innocence.7.12.10

Have you ever been to the Gowanus Canal? It’s actually quite an amazing place, in all its grotesqueness. I’ve been fascinated by the canal for the past 5 or so years because of its history, its location and the neverending saga surrounding it. I don’t know of many other waterways that have been the subject of discussion for so many different reasons. The canal has the following: microbes that might lead to advancements in the medical field, a dedicated crew of canoers who brave the stench of the thick waterway (in some parts, the water is oily black and putrid-smelling) to build awareness and just enjoy the industrial, but oddly peaceful scenery, and has been shrouded in controversy as the site of a new Whole Foods (interesting location for an organic food market, no?). I’m even more fascinated now since it has newly been designated a SuperFund site – which means it is on its way to getting cleaned up (hopefully)! But before that happens, I wanted to take the opportunity to get up close and personal with this toxic and contaminated urban waterway. It was a great location for a shoot – I love the concept of eerie and dangerous filth juxtaposed against sweet and innocent clothing…hope you enjoy.

Photography: Mikey Pozarik
Styling: Denise Hatzis
Makeup/Hair: Amanda Forsyth
Model: Susan Bartolme


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