Style Contemplations

Diggin/Not Diggin…

Taking a break from the real world to share some thoughts on the Spring ’10 fashion trends….

Top 3 Faves

1. The Military/Utility look – Khakis and that gorgeously cool military green do wonders for any and all complexions. I always imagine this look with great-fitting distressed jeans or a flowy floral dress and chunky camel-colored boots. LOVE!

2. Neutrals/pastels – the frost-bite from January snowstorms turns into a perfectly crisp March glow on your cheeks. What better to accentuate that healthy pink flush than with sorbet pastel sweaters, corduroys and scarves. I’ve been bulking up on these colors for awhile now – talk about being utilitarian through the seasons!

3. The lingerie look. Pretty much a “standby” spring thing – this look comes into style every spring season, when all we can think about is undressing from our furries/puffies/and otherwise uncutes. Who can’t wax romantic when imagining herself in dreamy camisoles and slipskirts/dresses paired with pretty sheer button downs and summer sweaters and metallic Repetto flats. That can get anyone in the mood to put on (or kick off) her ruffly knickers!

Top 3 Not-so-Faves

1. Ripped, and then patched, jeans. Enough. We understand the ripped look was cool and hip and edgy – hell, I bought into it because it reminded me of my size 24 Paper Denims (my very first designer jeans!) from the (very gone) days of yore – they came with a little knee hole, but they fit like a glove. I wore them whenever possible, since they accentuated everything that I wanted accentuated and made me feel sexy as hell. Of course, over years of use, that little frayed knee turned into a gaping hole and eventually (sigh) I took the shears to them and gave them a new life as cut-offs. When this look returned two years ago, I was eager beaver about jumping on the bandwagon because it brought me right back to my early 20s, sixpack exposed (sorry, I had to reference my very own “Situation” haha) – dancing on the hallowed grounds of the clubs in the Hamptons. But come on – PATCHED? Sorry, nothing sexy about it. It screams geek squad, in a not hipster/cool/funky kind of way. If you really want to wear your ripped skinnies or boyfriends when it’s chilly out, layer a pair of simple black or lacy tights underneath.

2. Super ‘hot short’ shorts. Come on. Really. These are underwear. Short shorts fine. But anything that reveals a camel-toe and cellulite should just stay away. It’s just mean to all parties involved.

3. “Celebrities”-with-no-design-training “designing” – whether it be for major labels or their own lines. Stick to what you’re good (or probably not so good) at, and leave the fashion to the pros.


5 thoughts on “Diggin/Not Diggin…”

  1. What are your thoughts on denim jackets, in? out? I have always loved them as a layering piece for spring and fall especially with a great scarf! However, I lost mine recently and can’t decide if they are out and therefore a good idea to replace. Would love your thoughts!!

    1. Hey Hunts-

      I think denim jackets are always a closet staple – they come in and out of trends throughout the years, but they are pretty much a classic. They’re comfy, (especially when made out of good denim with a hint of stretch) and just so easy when pulling together an outfit. I have a great Levi’s one that I actually purchased at Urban! But I really do love the quality of denim that Current/Elliot uses. 🙂

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