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To a New Year…with some fashion resolutions

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with family and friends – and keeping tabs on all the great style coming our way this spring and summer. With that said, I wanted to post one last time for this year with my Top 10 Fashion Resolutions for 2010. Please feel free to share some of yours as well!

10. Mix and match (and purposefully clash) more often.
9. Combine clothes from different seasons (if it works and makes sense…i.e white cotton sundress with black tights, chunky black boots and thick cozy grey sweater).
8. Stay away from big box chains and make mindful purchases at vintage shops, little boutiques specializing in up and coming indie designers, and anywhere my travels might take me.
7. Find a color that I have never been able to incorporate into my wardrobe, and do my damnedest to incorporate it into my wardrobe 🙂 Difficult colors won’t get the best of me! No No!
6. Get inspiration from classic movies – I have my NetFlix fully stocked up with tons of oldies starring Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, etc. I don’t think the acting is particularly good, but they certainly rocked couture, that’s for sure!
5. Pull off a knee and/or thigh high sock look. I have the socks and the short skirts, so what am I waiting for? The time is NOW!
4. Get new specs – I made my purchase already, but I’m keeping the style under wraps until I wear them 🙂
3. Don a bowtie!
2. Go to one event where I can wear a bathing suit with heels. Just ONE!
1. Dress for each and every day as if it’s my last – I can’t go down without style, and neither should you!





4 thoughts on “To a New Year…with some fashion resolutions”

  1. Love these resolutions – I may incorporate a few into my year too – the heels one is stretching it, but who knows where 2010 might take me!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  2. agree with larry – just throw another party at hotel qt or start hanging w/ lady gaga. my resolution is to to be more daring w/ my wardrobe & to buy more boots! currently looking for the perfect pair of vintage looking short black boots w/ low heel. any suggestions?

  3. Just because I’ve done it a few times, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t revisit this trend in 2010! Peg, will you join me?!

    The best vintage shops I’ve been to are in Nolita and East Village. Here are a few: – which is apparently closing it’s WV location soon!

    If you’re looking for the vintage “look” – then definitely definitely check out Golden Goose boots –

    Enjoy! and Happy Hunting!

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