Client Sessions

Closetiquing with Bianca L.

Bianca has a closet full of amazing clothes! It’s music to my ears when someone says “I don’t even have room to hang the new clothes I’ve bought!” because it means I have tons of pieces to work with :). BL is a “repeat outfit” offender – when she buys a new piece, she makes one outfit of it and repeats it over and over (because it’s easy and comfy). What I try to do is break the mold, so as I’m styling an outfit, I ask my client “How do you usually wear this? Have you ever considered pairing these items together?” If they say “NO”, I know I’m off to a good start. We worked a lot with the concepts of mixing and matching, layering and accessorizing, while also maintaining integrity to her personal style. Bianca loves fun, flirty, feminine looks – and incorporates a lot of dresses into her wardrobe – so we kept with that trend and mostly created looks using dresses and skirts, adding pops of color through camisoles, colored tights and bright jewelry.

Bianca’s goal was to be able to open her closet during the week and knowing exactly what she wanted to wear to work that day. I think we achieved this – take a look for yourself to see the outfits we put together, and please let us know which you like best!


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