Style Contemplations

House of Diehl’s Style Wars

Went to House of Diehl’s Style Wars last night. What are Style Wars? It’s a styling competition in which designers/stylists compete in 5 minute rounds to create high fashion pieces out of everyday objects and recycled garments. Armed with tape, scissors and their creativity, they cut and drape everything from packing paper, tin foil and and phone cords to football shoulder pads and tennis racquets, in order to fit a theme requested from the judges, one that they are not previously aware of! Bling! Bauhaus! Pros not hos! Wedding!

It’s kind of like watching a battle of the bands on a runway with models providing the sass and DJs providing the bass! Would love to be a contender one day, taping and pinning my way to a Style War championship. You can imagine my excitement as I considered all the insane outfits I could have put together with the materials on the rack. Maybe next year – Closetique at House of Diehl! 😉


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