Style Contemplations

The Quest for the Perfect White Shirt

Sure, you can pick up white shirt at J.Crew, The Gap or your nearest department store. Sure, they are functional, affordable and do the job. But when was the last time you tried on a PWS (perfect white shirt) that fit you exactly the way it was meant to, flattered you in a way like no other, and actually showed you that they can be sexy and gorgeous in the most anti-corporate way imaginable. Step in: Anne Fontaine. Her blouses are far from cheap, but they are timeless, so the investment will go a long way – for years to come. Crafted out of the most sumptuous cottons (both stretch and crisp) organdy, linen, and lace, she pays intricate attention to the details – mother of pearl buttons, organza ruffles and frills and what an amazing Franco-Brazilian touch! – a dried flower sachet attached to the label – the shirt fits like a glove and whisks you to a place where glamour and grace was something every woman strived to achieve. After watching Coco before Chanel a few weeks ago, I am inspired to streamline my closet to include only pieces that will take me from season to season, through the years, where style and comfort meld into one. I urge you to visit one of her 3 NYC stores (Rock Center, SoHo and Madison Ave) and peruse through the beautiful shirts, for I promise they will take you to another place as well.

Her website couldn’t say it better: “The very specific cut of her models and her mastery of materials offers the wearer a second skin, a familiar and reliable piece of clothing that guarantees a natural and spontaneous elegance that can stem only from the natural sense of breathability that it gives to the woman wearing it.”
anne fontaine

anne fontaine2


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