A Yearning for Yoga

This week I am writing from the Berkshires.  After a long drawn out summer with not nearly enough sun, I decided to take a break from the hot and hectic city of New York, and have headed north for a yoga and meditation retreat at Kripalu.  If you have not traveled solo (specifically for a health or wellness retreat), I urge you to run and book one ASAP.  This is my second health retreat and it’s the ideal way to shed any stress that has been accumulating in your life and get back to basics with yourself and with nature. I don’t mean to channel any cheesy hippie-dippiness – being by yourself (it’s not the same as alone, btw) really just provides you with the ideal setting to get reacquainted with yourself (or at least gives you the chance to deepen your relationship with your mind and heart), and just feel great about your body, your soul and your wellbeing.

Of course, when planning for a wellness retreat, you have to consider that COMFORTABLE CLOTHES ONLY NEED APPLY.  Leave your high heel boots, leather sandals, and anything higher than a pair of FLATS back home.

Depending on the type of adventure that awaits (mine is solely focused on yoga, meditation and some hiking), and the weather you’ll be expecting, the packing list will need to be edited a bit.  With that said, I’d like to share a few favorite active-wear and comfort basics (click on pictures for brand and product information).

To learn more about retreats at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, please visit http://www.kripalu.org.

Namaste, (with serenity and of course, fashion STILL on the mind ;),



4 thoughts on “A Yearning for Yoga”

  1. love the blog D! yaaay for fashion…and namastay for yoga : )

    yoga is def a statement at my gym (equinox), and other nyc studios. most people wear lululemon or american apparel, which i think is sporty, but not really yoga’y.

    i really like beyond yoga and the stella line from adidas. both not cheap, but really nice designed pieces that work well in yoga and also on the walk/subway ride home


    keep up the fantastic work and enjoy your week up in the berkshires


    1. Thanks for the comment Lynn! 🙂 I haven’t tried out Beyond Yoga – but definitely going to check it out now. Thanks for the tip!!!

  2. Lynn and all others interested,

    I came across another beautiful brand while up here at Kripalu this week. Donna M – absolutely luscious fabrics, great drape and gorgeously muted colors. And their main mantra is LAYERS – we know how I feel about layers! 🙂

    For more, visit http://www.donnamcollection.com


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