The Language of Layers

When was the last time you stared into your closet trying to find the perfect layering piece for a drapey sweater or sheer blouse? Probably this morning. Same for me. I wanted to wear something perfectly flowy for a breezy late August summer day, something comfortable to work in, and good for play-time afterwards. I chose an eyelet white skirt (I have to wear my summery whites as much as possible because before you know it, the cold weather will be here! (More on “whites” after summer later – that rule of no whites after Labor Day is bogus!) To complement it, I chose my cream colored T by Alexander Wang pocket tank (if you don’t own, or haven’t touched one of these, go to your nearest Barney’s NOW and grab one before the end of the warmer months – they will be classics for years to come), but I needed the perfect fitted tank to keep it from being too skimpy for work. To the rescue: my trusty J. Crew Perfect Fit tank (which comes in a variety of colors). A must for any wardrobe slenderizing: black, white and buff pink. You can grab them in bright and fruity colors too, but I promise you will get the most wear out of these tones – just neutral enough to not steal the show and also to prevent showing what SHOULDN’T be shown.

perfect fit tank

More great layering pieces (essential for every wardrobe diet) after the jump:

From left to right:

1st row: Anthropologie reverse cami, Inhabit cotton cami, Gap Pure Body

2nd row: T by Alexander Wang pocket tank, James Perse, Only Hearts

3rd row: Cosabella, Josie Natori silk key cami, Josie Natori lace cami

What are your favorite layering pieces? Have any new ones or old standbys we should know about? Please share!

Signing off, with love and fashion always on the mind,



2 thoughts on “The Language of Layers”

  1. my go to is james perse. the fabric feels like butta and it shows the tiniest amount of cleavage! enough to make the cut for date night 😉

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